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Founded in 2014, the goal of the Harriers is to show ridiculous support to not only our members but the entire running community. Our mantra is anytime, any place, and any pace for our members who run distances from 5k up to ultra-marathons.

What's a Harrier?

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What's a Harrier?

Back in the 1800s Europe when people started running for a pastime or a recreational activity (before that I guess people ran but it was never a sport)… the first form of recreational running was “Paper Chase” or “Hare and Hound”. The fastest runners would run ahead and leave a paper chase – the ones behind tried to catch up with them by following the paper trail.

The ones in front were known as the “Hares” and the ones catching up were known as the Hare Hunters, which over time became the “Harers” and over even more time became the “Harriers.”

And, De Novo?

Naturally all the Latin scholars amongst you will know this, but De Novo roughly translates as “from new” or “afresh” or “anew” or “from the beginning”. Coach Rob settled on this name as it summed up his philosophy towards running and fitness in general in three ways.

For those who have never run (or not run since High School) it is a chance to start something amazing, something life-changing – a new journey with their first steps towards their fitness goals.

For those experienced runners – running the De Novo way is a chance to leave behind all the bad habits (whether that’s inconsistency, over-training, poor race execution, poor attitude, poor running form etc) and to start fresh – it is never too late to do the right thing and the improvement will follow.

Finally – it’s how we face each day and each run. Whatever happened yesterday is gone, today we get a chance to do the right thing. We start each day with a clean slate and afresh. Yesterday’s suckie-run, yesterday’s missed training session, yesterday’s poor training decisions…. none of that defines how we live and run today. We welcome each day and each run “De Novo.”

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