Founding Harriers

De Novo Harriers was started as an all-inclusive group for people who love running regardless of previous running experience, pace or, well, anything else. The core foundation of our group is that everyone brings an amazing, supportive attitude to cheer on everyone else. Below is our list of founding members who helped start the funness and supportiveness that is De Novo Harriers.

Issa Abbasi

Nicole Aubuchon

Suzanne Bauman

Michele Becker

Ann Bishop

Barbara Brown

Joseph Casali

Joseph A. Casali

Kristine Casali

Mary Connolly

Jacqueline Devlin

Angela Diaz

Lynn Dragovich

Deb Feldman

Joseph Gerber

Michael Greeley

Michelle Greeley

Vanessa Greeley

Camryn Hetrick

Caroline Hickey

Amy Hostetter

Daniel Hostetter

Chris Jentile

Crysta Jentile

Eylem Koca

Glaucia Koca

Alex Koukeas

Kathleen Koukeas

Kirstin Krysz

Oliver Lacey

Julie Lieman

Carol Marcus

Evan Marcus

Jonathan Marcus

George McCarthy

Rob MCCarthy

Hugh McGrinder

Katherine McGrinder

Rachel Mejias

Rich Mejias

Sean Miller

Holly Montalbano

Denise Murrell

Jim Murrell

Marie Nastasi

Leslie O'Connell

Michael O'Connell

Kevin Palmeri

Amalie Park

Amy Plotch

Jacqueline Reuveni

Brian Rochford

Jonathan Schwartz

Alex Shalom

Anna Shalom

Dylan Shalom

Jeff Shalom

Tommy Shalom

Husna Sheriff

Edward Sinjorgo

Elinore Soule

Jonathan Soule

Jude Soule

Ryan Soule

Peter Tomaszewski

Heather Vokes

Janet Wilson

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