10k - Intermediate

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Who this plan is for:

  • Runners seeking to improve their 10K performance

  • Runners who have already completed the 10K Novice Training Plan

  • Runners willing to commit to running five days per week

  • De Novo Harriers members who are ridiculously supportive of their fellow runners!!!

Recommended base prior to commencing the plan:

  • Regularly race over distances from 5k to 10k

  • Completed at least one 5K race within the past month

  • Have been regularly running 4 times per week for past 3 months

  • Have been running for at least 6 months

  • Your longest run has been at least 30 mins (within the past 3 weeks)

  • You are injury free!

Helpful notes and hints:

  • Rest days: The program is designed to allow flexibility of when you take your 3 rest days, try to spread them out in the week

  •  Although flexibility in timing of your rest days, try to keep the order of the runs per planOrder of runs:

  • Cross training: Functional strength/core training is important, try to build in at least 2 sessions of 45 mins to your week (non-cardio)

  • 5th run?: Feel free to add a 5th run during the week, keep it steady and no more than 45 mins – but not at the expense of cross training!

  • The basics: Always use common sense, listen to your body, don’t train through injuries, pay attention to nutrition and hydration

  • Races: Build up races are good for many reasons, help with strategy, reduce race day nerves and can be fun with Harriers. Consider: building in two 5K races during the first 10 weeks, spread the races out, do them instead of your long run on that week


Types of runs:

  • CP: conversation pace run, the core running pace each week - just on the edge of breathlessness throughout the run.

  • Easy run: this is what it says on the can, enjoy the running time, should not exert too much effort.

  • Workout: the one quality session of the week, try doing the Harriers workout, time includes some warm up/cool down.

  • Long run: a key run each week, conversation pace effort i.e. effort i.e. just on the edge of breathless but could hold a conversation

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